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Dara goodies 😀


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hi guys! i know it had been a long time since the last time that i posted something here and i’m so sorry! mianhe! 😦 please forgive me. anyway, i’m waiting for 2ne1’s latest music video right now for it hurts. i’ve been waiting for hours already! sigh. anyway, some information that i gathered.

do you know that 2ne1’s newest music video will feature dara as the girl main lead? and unfortunately, lee soo hyuk will be her counterpart. but guess what? apparently, lee soo hyuk is included in g-dragon’s circle of friends! overprotective boy friend, eh? or rather, jealous boy friend? :)) lee so hyuk also has a girl friend. 😛 g-dragon’s so smart to pick someone who he trusts and who he’s sure will not make a move on his girl.

also, the director of the mv is also the director of g-dragon’s butterfly. 😛 giving hints gd?


anyway, i need to go. sorry for the short post. but i’ll leave something for you guys, from ryelsi again (the resident video-slayer).


p.s. next post would be about kush and daragon 😀 but i guess, not now. i just hope i can post sooner. bye guys! thank you for loving this blog! i’m very happy reading your comments! 😀


Have you heard the news? OMO! In TaeYang’s “I Need A Girl” music video, Dara will be the girl.  And guess what? G-Dragon will also be part of it since he’s featured in it. Omooooo. I can’t wait for July 1. It’s the BFF’s collaboration. It would be epiiiic.

News: Sandara Park to appear in TaeYang’s Solo MV

2NE1′s Sandara Park will be appearing in her sunbae from the same company, Taeyang of Big Bang’s first full solo album music video. Recently, in the entertainment district, there has been a fierce battle in order to cast Sandara Park in TV dramas and entertainment shows.

YG artists have a strong sense of belonging, and their bonds are strong as well. For example, on the weekend of the premiere of TOP’s first, leading movie ‘Into the Gunfire’, more than 1 000 000 showed up, seated in the VIP area was his Big Bang band mates and of course, all the 2NE1 members showed up to show their enthusiastic support for him.

For this MV, even though Sandara Park has her regular full activities ahead of her, and is currently in the middle of busy schedules, she still made time. If it were not the title song, ‘I Need a Girl’ of Taeyang’s first full solo album (on sale on July 1st), it would not have been possible for her to participate.

Taeyang’s new song ‘I Need a Girl’ has G-Dragon featuring in it, however with the entertainment district’s hot topic, Sandara Park helping Taeyang out by making her appearance, the song is quickly rising up as this summer’s most anticipated song.

Production companies that are seeking Sandara Park for movies and dramas are quickly accelerating their paces. At the moment, the demand for her even exceeds top stars such as Kim Taehee, Jeon Jihyun, Song Hyegyo, etc.

Last year, she breathed life into her role as Rie, the daughter of a ninja in the MBC drama “The Return of Iljimae”, and she is currently at the top as a star who is equally able to succeed as an actor as well.

The 2NE1 members made their appearance in the idol world like a comet, and it has already been a long time since Sandara Park has risen to the status of a world-class top star. While she can be innocent, she can be equally sexy as well, and can even dance and sing. Any producers cannot help but to drool over her.

One of people close to Sandara Park revealed “Because of 2NE1 activities, she has had no time to appear in a full-fledged acting role”, “However because there has been a lot of interest over (Sandara Park)’s acting, even during her busy schedules, she willingly accepted the role and helps ease some of her desire to act.”


Translated by: GEE @

Ryelsi7 uploaded a new video! Ahh, it saved my Daragon heart from the drought. Yeaah. Watch it. Daragon is reaaaaaaaal! 🙂


AHH. This picture made me giddy. 🙂 They’re wearing outfits that scream, “we are a couple!”. Plus, she looked at him. He looked at her. They locked eyes and chemistry overflows. My Daragon heart is revived again 🙂

Good night guys. Ohh, thank you to the people who actually commented. 🙂

Argh. I already promised myself before not to visit any site regarding any couple with G-Dragon as the guy but then I wasn’t able to control myself. I visited a page about HeeDragon and I ‘m heartbroken. I’ll admit it ,they have some believable evidences, too.  Maybe I’m now seriously in-love with the Daragon couple, that’s why I’m feeling this way.

Anyway, I had to visit some pages about some other shippings regarding Dara (just to get even). And seriously, I’m loving all her fan boys. :)) These are my favorite shippings:

  • Jaedy (Jaejoong and Dara) or the “GOD and GODDESS’ love”–  I don’t know how or when this couple grew on me. I don’t even know how this shipping started especially since I think they haven’t even met before. Haha. I just find them “perfect for each other” because of their looks.
  • DaraJoon (Joon of MBLAQ and Dara) or the “EYE-CATCHERS’ love” – Admit it. They’re the eye-catchers of their group. I started liking this pairing when Joon said that Dara’s her ideal girl and the other MBLAQ members teased him. He was cute back then while hiding his blushing/embarassed face.
  • MinDara (Choi Minhwan and Dara) or the “CUTE COUPLE love”– Now, I’ll tell you, Choi Minhwan is the man! Admitting that Dara’s his ideal girl for a couple of times. I like him for Dara. 🙂
  • SeungDara (Seungri and Dara) or the “NOONA NOONA love”– I love Seungri’s unique way of saying “noona noona” to Dara. He must like Dara for giving her special greeting, if ever not in a romantic way, at least, in a brotherly way.
  • TabiSan (TOP and Dara) or the “SEDUCTIVE love”– Omo! This is my first favorite shipping of Dara. Since the first time that I watched Gummy’s I’m Sorry MV, this pairing held a special place in my heart. I also find it funny that they have an awkward relationship, even though they’re the funniest in their respective groups. Haha. Ohh and by looks, I can’t help but stare at their eyes. Meeehn. They both have seductive and piercing eyes.
  • WooDara (WooYoung and Dara) or the “GIDDY love”– Sorry for the lame description thingy. Haha. I LOVE THIS SHIPPING! Seriously, I can’t help but be giddy every time WooYoung tries to look at Dara. His glances, his stares and his actions spell L-O-V-E. He’s the ultimate fan boy. He’s the one who’s not afraid showing his liking to Dara.
  • DaraYang (TaeYang and Dara) or the “SHY love”– This shipping also holds a special place in my heart. Every time I remember TaeYang’s “fear” of girls, I can’t help but smile thinking that despite this “fear”, he’s still close to Dara since their trainees days. I think he really watches her. He even said before that Dara’s the one who’s working hard the most in 2NE1 and she has the most wonderful expressions on-stage. Must be love, noh?

Even if I like the pairings I mentioned above, I still love Daragon. But right now, I don’t know. It’s just that they’re not giving us hints these past few days. I’m beginning to lose hope. Argh. I hate this feeling. It feels like I’m the one losing a relationship.  :/

Dara-unnie and G-Dragon-oppa, please give us hints. If ever you’re truly in-love with each other, can’t you give us hints? I think Applers are slowly losing hope. Though we really wanted to stay by your side and support you until the no-bf rule is lifted, we’re not sure if we can still hang-on.

If Daragon drought still continues, I think I’ll become a WooDara shipper for the meantime. Though I’m not really comfortable with this idea, I just can’t help it. I mean, Wooyoung’s too obvious. He’s giving us hints from time-to-time and not only small hints, but spazzable and big ones. Argh. I don’t really know what to do now. I’m beginning to be a bad Appler. :/ But seriously, some Applers have already transferred to WooDara thread. Sigh. I don’t know what to say now. Good night everyone. Forgive me for this very negative post.

@Lucy Lee: Don’t worry. I’ll still continue making a post/page about G-Dragon and Dara.

OMG. I’m so sorry. I really really wanted to post since Wednesday but my mom wouldn’t allow me. 😦 Anyway anyway. Hello again! Do I still have readers? Haha. Okay okay. I’ll start now.

Hello Daragon lovers and not-so Daragon lovers! I’m back to give you another spazztastic investigation that Applers did. The last song that I posted here was Wedding Dress.. now it’s your time to shine, MY HEAVEN!

Facts that you should know:

1. The original Korean version of Heaven was released August 8, 2008.

2. Dara’s past:

Dec.2004 to January 2005 Dara went to Korea for a Christmas vacation with her family. And probably first time met YG, there’s a rumor that she was called by YG after watching KBS My name is Sandara Park…I guess probably Dara was also introduce to GD ..I’ve read one article in soompi about her and seven also admire her bec. of KBS show. ..Correct me if I’m wrong. Then she returns to Korea in March 2005 after tumultuous partnership with Hero and she pursues her college and acting workshop in Korea and during her stay in Korea. She became YG trainee, it is possible GD and Dara were both close to each other and probably have mutual relationship….Picture in Lotte…Exchanging message in Cyworld as our co applers’ discovered , In Sept 7,8,9,10 and Oct. 30,2005 he wanted to be call Oppa, soy sauce crab endearment? Then apply again?

During Her stay in Korea her rumored BF J.B. openly admitted their relationship on national TV. On Sept. 17, 2005 Dara came back to Phil for whatever reason…We don’t know…kk. Although she’s already a YG trainee…she continue her career in the Phil. (SORRY I HAVE TO CUT SOME LYRICS COZ ITS REALLY LONG) these are translated in English I just type it these way cuz its too long…Inside the () I just added my reaction……..
In early March 2006, Sandara voiced out on national TV her feelings for the cold reception she has received on her comeback, as well as her envy on the Pinoy Big Brother housemates, commenting on them as colorful, while she is black and white. She has also cried on how empty her schedule had become. But the real surprise was when she revealed that her father abandoned them and that her father has another family which he is now living with. Tears flowing, Sandara revealed that her father is a wife-beater.

AUGUST 1, 2007… Dara decided to pursue his career in Korea…She left Phil with heavy heart due to less job offers, break- up with JB (July) but I’ve read one of our co appler( clandestinepain) found about Dara’s dream 7-22-07 that Known Korean boy band propose on her..Is it really a dream? One more thing she’s asking for endearment here are the choices “toyo-mansi”, “chili-pie”, “sinigang”. Isn’t related to Jiyong? The next day Dara signed to YG and start again as trainee…who helped Dara… (Pls come back to me kkkk.) – twnx81 of

Now now, let’s go to the song’s lyrics:

thought it would be the last
thought the second would never come
love that didnt suite me at all
came to me this hot summer (dara came back to korea on august 2007. isn’t it summer time that month there?)
my other half that i’ve waited
and waited for
(Dara left gd when she went back to the philippines. They were separated for almost 2 years)
always had a dream about you
you are my resting place in my heart,
i want to stare and stare again,
give and give again

i feel thirsty because of flutter,
why does my love run away
i am mad, its not going how i
wanted, i cant understand
but i dont want to lose you,
i dont want to be apart from you
you’re the one in my life

*you are more beautiful than heaven
i love you
i call you
i remember you
i wait for you (you really love her, no? always waiting for her)
your one phrase that “i love you” phrase  (Dara became famous because of her unique way of saying “mahal kita” or “mahal ko kayo” when she was still a star here in the philippines. “Mahal kita” or “Mahal ko kayo” means I love you. She even taught Lee Min Ho that phrase, saying that the Filipino fans will love hearing it from him.)
i love you i remember you
tears, tears of sorrow, sky,
sky, stars, heaven (Dara means “star” in Thai(?) language)

you breathe in my every lifestyle
i see only your name in my phone without knowing (i remembered the blackberry 9000 phone of gd. do you remember that dara updated her mitus with some pictures from a blackberry 9000 phone?)
i hold your hands several times in one day
i feel like i have everything when i kiss you

oh baby a sweet aroma from mini-hompi
that i visit everyday
oh baby a short text message is too short to express my love
people make fun of me but i feel happy everyday
(eh? mini hompy? cyworld messages? sounds familiar? remember their exchange of messages?)

everyday i am afraid
what if you leave me again
(leave you again? so she left you once already? is it dara, gd? do you still remember the time when she left korea to go back to her bf’s arms that time?)
become vague from me
i feel so thankful i love you so much
you are the only person in the door of
heaven inside of my heart

repeat chorus *

Other investigations:

According to “The hottest part of the year begins in early August and lasts about one month,” so June to August would be Korea’s summer months.

Then I quickly browsed Wikipedia, “Sandara left the Philippines and returned to South Korea on August 1, 2007 with her mother and siblings to begin a new life.” The next day, Aug. 2, she signed a contract with YG.

So, it seemed like, Dara went back to Korea for good, around summer and probably she and Ji reunited at those times. It’s like a romance was rekindled here. Or perhaps a start of a budding infatuation on Jiyong’s side for Dara.

Heaven was released around 2008 right? so it makes sense that he was able to gather his thoughts about his feelings and realized that he was falling in love with this charismatic girl. Thus, he was able to compose this song. I remembered an interview (posted by Mala) that Jiyong likes girls who are strong and charismatic. Dara is oozing with charisma. Even girls love her.

I watched a Jiyong Chocolate interview, they mentioned that “This Love” lyrics had a Sept. 19 on it. Jiyong explained it is the birthday of a girl he had a crush on, but they did not become a couple. I felt sad after hearing that, but everyone have past crushes and flings right? And This Love was released around 2006-2007. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Just relied on Wikipedia. XD

So it seemed like this lyrics

“thought it would be the last
thought the second would never come”

might mean that he got over a specific girl, might be the Ms. Sept. 19, or another girl (yikes, I’m feeling jealous for Dara). and he was starting to fall for *cough*Ms. Dara*cough* another.

That’s just my 2 cents. My fave part of the song was

i wait for you your one phrase that i love you phrase
i love you i remember you

definitely spazz-worthy. “mahal ko kayo”. *grins* Why does he have to emphasize that “I love you” is her phrase. He can just write “when you say you love me” or any similar sentence pertaining to love.

I remember you (Dara?). You should GD, she’s one heck of a unique woman. The Philippines love this girl.

and another thing that caught my attention

why does my love run away
i am mad, its not going how i
wanted, i cant understand
but i dont want to lose you

I remember on their 2ne1tv clips, Dara distances herself at times, then at other times, she stays near GD. She’s like hot then cold the next. I also remembered, one of the posters here saying that based on one of Dara’s me2day updates, she’s apologizing to someone for not greeting him because she was too shy.

Maybe that’s what he cannot understand.


And in addition, I noticed that Heaven, Butterfly and Hello all have la la la la on it. If it’s only a coincidence, it’s cute.

Well, I’m getting too imaginative now. I’m so loving that song already. I keep on replaying it now.

I’m getting confused with Dara’s back and forth travel to Korea and Philippines, it’s pretty challenging to estimate their possible bonding moments. – Icecandy of

Similarities between the MV and some Dara pictures:

1. The lead girl in the MV and what she’s wearing:

2. Dara and Jiyong

(credits to: MaLa of

Wooooh.  I’m tired already. Haha. Anyway, do you think the girl that GD loves is really Dara? I mean, this is already the second song that I posted that fitted Dara’s past. Is it just mere coincidences or was it really for Dara?

Ohh, I almost forgot. Watch this or rather, listen to this. At 6:21, GD said “star, you are my heaven”.

Hmmm. I’m happy that GD has been kinda consistent on throwing hints about his butterfly especially since 2010 started. After all, YG lifted the no-gf ban on him during his SAL concert.

Anyway, watch this. My favorite Daragon video-maker, ryelsi7, made another Daragon video.

Watch this one, too. I really really love this video. It’s from another video-maker and she’s a good one, too.  Mia88018, thank you very much for compiling some Daragon moments from GDTV and 2NE1TV.

I’m sorry for another long post. I hope you’ll support Daragon, too. 😀 Till next time, readers. Oh, and please comment. I really love it whenever I read comments from you.